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The Divi philosophy goes beyond technology and stands upon a set of core tenets. Our vision is for the lives of everyone, everywhere to be improved through world-class, decentralized solutions, powered by blockchain.

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About us

Established in 2017, the Divi team have been focused on solving the issues of usability and accessibility to cryptocurrencies that prevent mainstream adoption.

We realized early on that the industry wasn’t equipped to scale with the demand and popularity it experienced. Hence our philosophy to create software solutions that make cryptocurrency easier to use and access for users of all levels of technical expertise.

Starting with the feature that attracts most people to the space - earning rewards, the team developed the first and only genuinely one-click masternode software that enables users of any skill level to begin earning rewards in an instance. With the ability to be launched on any device from a home computer to mobile phone, registered users can earn with Divi.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved thus far and it is really just the beginning. We hope that you will join us on this journey!

Team and Advisors

Geoff McCabe


Nick Saponaro


Jeff Packard


Russell Doolittle


Zoe Cox


Mathias Aspegren

UX/UI Lead

Renuke Samarasinghe

Head of Media

Phil Nash

Head Data Scientist

Artur Segal Kaim

Lead full stack developer

German Luna Patiarroy

Blockchain developer

Guilherme Maricato de Carvalho

Full stack developer

Nicole Yates

Financial Operations

Marine Hardouin

Creative Director

Honour York

Marketing Executive

Cannon Stubblefield

Community Specialist

Ori Zeiger

Lead PM

Levi Haegebaert

Head of SEO

Eugene Ilagin

Full Stack Developer

Frisco Chavez


Steve McGarry

Podcast Co-Host

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