BitMax on-exchange staking is now live!

Our relationship with BitMax is growing. Divi users can now stake on-exchange. Low minimums, daily payouts. What's not to love.

Kyle Turnbull

March 09, 2021 · 2 min read

Divi Bitmax on exchange staking returns

Divi announces BitMax on-exchange staking

We're excited to announce that on-exchange staking is now live! Head on over to and see what the fuss is all about!

About BitMax

Divi was listed on BitMax in September 2020, and our relationship is growing! We’re excited to be offering on-exchange staking from this Friday the 5th! BitMax is a top 25 exchange, offering secure digital asset trading to millions of customers! This strengthening relationship is important to our wallet release, as we work to push Divi everywhere we can. This staking listing includes marketing in various Chinese language WeChat groups, community AMAs, news articles, and influencer attention. It’s a big deal!

Who benefits?

With our mobile wallet release just around the corner, people wonder why we provide different staking solutions. We’re committed to providing the most secure and easy decentralized options around. However, there is a niche that exchange staking fills, as it allows people to both stake without internet, and stake without the minimum balances required for a staking node.

How it works:

  • The minimum staking (delegation) amount is 100DIVI, and you are able to unstake at any time. The day you allocate is known as day one.
  • Rewards are calculated starting one day after your DIVI has been delegated, and paid out for the first time two days after your initial stake.
  • From then, rewards are distributed on a daily basis.
  • If you wish to remove (un-bond) your DIVI from the staking program, you must wait one day for the funds to be cleared.
  • If you need your funds urgently, we offer instant un-bonding, which will allow your funds to be released immediately, for a 1% fee.

What security procedures does BitMax implement?

We implement the standard multi-signature and firewall protection that all top exchanges do. Additionally, they have an agile threshold system for hot and cold wallets, allowing them to monitor and adapt, by changing thresholds between what's going to cold storage, in real-time depending upon potential threats.

Don’t worry - if on exchange staking isn’t your thing, the Divi Wallet and upcoming mobile wallet both offer non-custodial staking.

Thanks to BitMax for holding some fantastic community AMA's with Nick Saponaro and Geoff McCabe. We enjoyed talking about our vision with your community, and hope to see more new faces in our community Telegram!

Start staking on BitMax now!

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Kyle Turnbull

March 09, 2021 · 2 min read

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