Huge Divi Wallet Update: Buy, Convert, and ERC20 support is here!

Dive into all the best bits of our biggest wallet upgrade to date!

Kyle Turnbull

May 25, 2022 · 3 min read

Divi Wallet Update

Divi Wallet Update

Divi Labs has the philosophy that financial tools should be available and accessible to everyone. We are building iteratively towards our goal of creating the most useful, secure, and accessible crypto wallet around. Today we are extremely excited to talk about our next step forward on that path as we roll out some highly anticipated features. We know you're all very excited, so let's dig in!

Feature: Buy Crypto in Wallet.

From the start, Divi Labs has been building technology with ease of use in mind. We are breaking down the technical hurdles that block so many from entering this space. We know that the process of signing up for and using centralized and decentralized exchanges can be daunting for a lot of people. This is why we’re so proud to announce that starting today you will be able to buy crypto directly in the Divi Wallet with fiat currency, either directly from your bank account or with Debit/Credit cards.

Feature: Convert

Convert between 270+ tokens directly in the Divi Wallet! All 270+ tokens, and even a few layer one chains like BTC and DIVI, can now be swapped from the comfort of your mobile device. This increased functionality makes DiviWallet a “one-stop-shop”, where users can move between assets from the comfort and security of a wallet they know and understand. We’ve applied our world-class UX to previously complex and tricky processes, to make them as easy to understand as possible.

There are actually four distinct ways you can utilize the convert feature! 

  1. Convert from within Divi Wallet to Divi Wallet 
  2. Convert from an external address to Divi Wallet 
  3. Convert from Diviwallet to an external address. 
  4. Convert from an external address to another external address

Feature: ERC20 Support! 

With ERC20 support, Divi Wallet now holds more of your favorite tokens. Divi Wallet is sleek, secure, intuitive, and cutting edge… and is now home to hundreds of different assets. This expansion of coins is exciting as we’re now able to push our wallet to hundreds of different communities. A major issue with many crypto wallets is that most people use 2 or 3 to store all of their coins. We don’t think that’s crypto-made-easy. 

Looking ahead: what's next?

This update represents a huge leap forward for Divi Wallet core functionality. While the wallet is still technically in an MVP state it is starting to more closely resemble our vision; a one-stop shop for all your crypto needs. Now that users are able to move from fiat to crypto and back to fiat all within the Divi Wallet we are in a good place to aggressively pursue new customers. Massive partnership deals like the 3+ year deal between Divi Wallet and LaLiga will help us reach billions of people around the world. Up until now, these campaigns have largely been about brand awareness; now we will start to convert that awareness to new wallet downloads and increased monthly active users. 

We are building some cutting-edge functionality into the Divi Wallet that will set us further apart from our competition. We can’t say too much at this time but just know that we believe our top-of-class decentralized mobile staking solution is a gamechanger for DIVI, and maybe it could also benefit some partners.

We will continue to explore features that are quickly becoming industry standards for top crypto wallets, such as NFT support, multi-sig, 2FA, hardware wallet support, and seed phrase/private key management Rest assured, even with these standard features you can bet that we will innovate in function and design to offer the most effective and enjoyable experience possible.

Divi Labs designs technology with users in mind. We want as many people as possible to use our products so we design products that are intuitive to use. We want to contribute to building mechanisms that create incentives for building a better tomorrow; this is why we are so focused on decentralization, ease of use, and true self-custodial ownership.

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Kyle Turnbull

May 25, 2022 · 3 min read

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