DIVI Live at Five: February Recap

All the best bits from the Divi Live at Five in one place. Catch up on the month of February!

Zach D

March 07, 2022 · 6 min read

Divi Live at Five

Divi Live at Five

DIVI Live at Five: March 4th, 2022

This month's DIVI Live at Five broadcast was packed full of exciting information. If you have the opportunity we highly recommend that you watch the recording on YouTube.

👉 DIVI Live at Five: March 4th, 2022

No time to watch the video? No problem. We've gathered up some of the juiciest bits in this blog.

DIVI by the numbers

We currently have +2.7 billion coins in the ecosystem. The majority of coins are in masternodes but we’re seeing a trend of more coins moving toward vaults. Only 17.8% of the DIVI supply is circulating.

Divi supply distribution
divi price

Mobile wallet - We currently have about 23,500 total downloads with monthly active users remaining stable. 

downloads and active users

Regions - Europe and Asia now have equal pieces of the pie, each representing 14% of Divi Wallet downloads. Africa, although still a small percentage, is growing and sits now at 2.2%. We’re excited to see these regional percentages shift as DIVI awareness becomes more global.

Regions distribution

DIVI x LaLiga documentary

When we went to Madrid we started making a documentary about the monumental partnership building between Divi Wallet and LaLiga. We posted a preview in a recent Tweet:

👉 Documentary preview

When marketing? 🤪

We have been working with professionals to make sure these marketing assets are produced in the highest quality and most impactful way. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Moving forward with more LaLiga stuff, we are heading back to Dubai in mid-March. This will be the first true kick-off event of the partnership. There will be a range of events including an influencer soiree with press and media, we're going back to World Blockchain Summit, and we've got an exciting online event on 3/20 for El Classico with VIPs and football players, there are lots of plans in the works, we’ll share more soon.

We’ve had these first few months of the Divi Wallet x LaLiga partnership to start setting the foundation but these events in March will be the true start of really getting this deal in motion.


Football Industry Innovation Conference: (3/8) Nick will speak about monetizing fan engagement and crypto sponsorships. Maite Ventura, Managing Director LaLiga, MENA region will be in attendance as well as professional football players and important people from the football industry.

World Blockchain Summit: (3/23-24) Last time we were looking for partners, this time we will be looking more for investors. We are looking for high-tier investors who believe in the vision of decentralization; investors that want to make a difference in the project and become a part of what we’re building for the long term.

  • World Blockchain Summit is a conference with qualified blockchain projects, investors etc and attended by family offices and the royal family

  • We will be a sponsor and in attendance with LaLiga (this is where we met them) so are excited to go back together 

Bitcoin Miami: (4/6-9) We aren’t sponsoring the actual event but we have some fun things planned on the periphery. If you’re going to be in Miami during this time reach out!

Product update

🎉 The code is complete! 🎉

We enter now into the deep testing process, security audits, penetration testing, beta testing with the community and we anticipate releasing to production at the end of this quarter. Beta testing is expected to begin within the next week or so, so stay tuned!

Josh Caleb: eDIVI vs the bridge

Josh Caleb CTO, Divi Labs made a special guest appearance to help explain:

What is the difference between eDIVI and the eDIVI bridge?

eDIVI: This is how we refer to the wrapped version of DIVI that will live on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

Bridge: A technical solution that allows users to take their DIVI and wrap it in order to utilize eDIVI.

eDIVI is on schedule for release at the end of this quarter, the bridge will come a bit later.

How will DIVI make DeFi accessible?

It’s important for us to not only create technical solutions to allow our users access to DeFi platforms but we must also create high quality content to help people understand the DeFi landscape and navigate the risks appropriately. 

Partnership updates

The telecom deal: The goal of this initiative is to build smart cities in places that currently have very little infrastructure. The two large ecosystem partners that were the most difficult to close just signed on within the last two weeks. The funding requirements are established and they are now going through the process of insuring those funds. This is a $50MM project involving many entities in addition to Divi Labs. The project kick-off is now imminent. We will continue to update as things go along.

And we've got a new partnership to announce!

divi x vume

Divi Wallet + VüMe

TPT Global Tech is a technology company made up of a variety of divisions (telecommunications, medical, data) and they have a subsidiary that produces content for hit TV shows such as Ted Lasso, Outlander, American Horror Story, and Ray Donovan. We just signed a collaboration agreement with the newest division of this organization to become their official crypto wallet partner. This summer they will be releasing their super app called VüMe. VüMe combines all the most popular features of social media apps into one place. Imagine all the defining features of TikTok + Twitter + Clubhouse + Soundcloud all in one app and all geared towards creators, that’s VüMe. There will be ways to monetize your content and a Patreon-like subscription model that will be very reasonably priced. VüMe will use crypto as one of the payment methods. TPT Global Tech put up a landing page recently to gauge interest and they quickly got 47,000 signups for early access to VüMe. We expect there to be a mass influx of creators and users on this app. VüMe is scheduled for release this summer. Divi Wallet integration will be slightly after launch. There will be a press release highlighting the details of this partnership going out on Monday.

Live at Five format

We’ve been playing around with the format a bit. We’re considering moving to a quarterly schedule for Live at Five which would allow higher production value and maybe some extra special guests. If we do this we will utilize Twitter spaces (or similar platforms) for more frequent updates, either monthly or on the fly as needed. What is the best format to keep the community updated? Your feedback is important so please let us know what you think.

That’s it for this edition of the DIVI Live at 5 blog recap. Once again, we encourage you to watch the video yourself, there are lots of little tidbits that didn’t make it into the blog including a very genuine little “blooper” moment at the end. Also completely missing in this blog is the calm, confidence, and excitement in Nick’s voice and body language. Watch it. The future looks bright.

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    Zach D

    March 07, 2022 · 6 min read