World Blockchain Summit: Dubai 2021

Find out just what went down during an eventful week in the Emirites at World Blockchain Summit

Kyle Turnbull

October 21, 2021 · 3 min read

World Blockchain Summit Dubai Bitcoin and Crypto

World Blockchain Summit

The world blockchain forum: Why Dubai? 

The World Blockchain Forum was held in Dubai last week, attracting entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from all over the world. The UAE and in particular Dubai, has a welcoming stance on crypto and blockchain technology, making it a logical place for the industry to meet. The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) looks set to propose crypto regulation sometime this year as the sector grows at a rapid pace. 

The Divi Stand

We were official gold sponsors of the event and had easily the most popular stall at the conference. The crypto-made-easy mantra resonated with many. People from all over the globe were stopped by the text behind our stall that read “The World’s Best Crypto Wallet”. We truly believe that statement to be true, and those who spent time talking about our products agreed. We are onto something special. 

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A word from our CEO 👇

There were basically two types of folks here in Dubai. Those looking for the next flash in the pan, and those who have been burned by the former and are looking for real, sustainable businesses. To my pleasant surprise, there are more of the latter in attendance. Dubai turned out to be the perfect place to open our Series A and make some of our major announcements.
We met with some very interested investors and already have $2mm committed to the raise. Additionally, we spoke to some great potential partners who share the sentiment in looking for strong, reliable businesses that operate with integrity. We've taken a pragmatic approach that isn't always welcomed by the crypto community at large because it is long-term but long-term holders will benefit most, in my opinion, and that philosophy is beginning to get recognized by the people who matter.

Dubai: A unique opportunity 

Every day, all over the world, there are crypto events occurring. The industry continues to grow exponentially, and with that, so does the competition. For us, attending the World Blockchain Forum was a no-brainer. 

We were able to showcase our intellectual property and increase brand exposure to early adopters, governments, and enterprises. Dubai was also the perfect time to announce our Series A funding, and we were able to meet with potential investors eager to explore blockchain solutions in their businesses, from a wide range of markets and industries. 

What went down? 

Regarding the goal for Divi Labs in Dubai, and for that matter the entire ecosystem, Dubai was a roaring success.  We were one of the busiest tables at the event as conveyed by both the event organizers and people who came up on day 2 who said they had to stop by just to see what all the traffic was about! 

  • In addition to meeting potential investors, we also met potential business partners, including organizations that could provide accelerated access to fiat on-ramps in the EU, Middle East, Asia/Pac, and former CIS countries.  

  • We met media and crypto influencers and gave many interviews explaining the Divi ecosystem and Divi Labs role, and how the Divi Wallet is the best in the world!  

  • We were able to connect with exchanges and other projects who all showed a keen interest in working within our wallet ecosystem. 

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It’s always great to get the team together. 

Dubai provided a much-needed opportunity to meet and commune with our distributed team. Whenever we are able to spend valuable time together as a team, it reinforces our belief in both each other and the project. We spent two full days networking side-by-side and leveraging each other’s strengths.  

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What’s coming next? 

The team has now returned home and will seek to build upon the connections made over the last week. Over the coming weeks, we will provide more clarity around our Series A funding and our internal goals. We will be able to offer more insight during our monthly recap next week! 

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Kyle Turnbull

October 21, 2021 · 3 min read

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