Divi Live at Five monthly blockchain and wallet update

Divi Live at Five: January recap

With every Live at Five, we start with a theme. The theme of this month is confidence. The year is just beginning, but we’re on the same track. The team is growing, and we’re putting the right people in the right places. We like how the future looks.

Kyle Turnbull

May 06, 2021 · 8 min read

Recap Summary

As a project, we’ve spent the time building a strong foundation for the future. This foundation is as important when talking about our team as it is about the technology we create. We’re incredibly confident in our ability to deliver because of the intentional effort we’ve put in on the ground floor. Thank you to everyone who shares this vision with us and trusts us to deliver it.

Divi Live at Five: January Recap!

As a project, we’ve spent the time building a strong foundation for the future. This foundation is as important when talking about our team as it is about the technology we create. We’re incredibly confident in our ability to deliver because of the intentional effort we’ve put in on the ground floor. Thank you to everyone who shares this vision with us and trusts us to deliver it.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the key takeaways from this week’s Live at Five!

  • The Theme of the month: Confidence. We’re confident in the foundation we have created for ourselves, from our technology to our team.
  • The new project roadmap is your source for all developments.
  • Divi Blog is now live. This new site is a part of our broader SEO strategy for 2021. We will be creating content for a wide range of audiences, so check it out.
  • Divi Competition Winners were announced, and our next competition was launched! Check out our Twitter for the videos!
  • Geoff McCabe (CEO), Nick Saponaro (CIO), and Jeff Packard (COO) shared a productive week in San Diego aligning Divi’s strategies for 2021. We’re calling this the year of delivery.

If you missed the live stream, we’ve documented everything below. 👇

What's in this update?

  • What we’re about
  • Crypto is maturing
  • Our commitment to decentralization
  • Making something easy is complex!
  • New project roadmap
  • Multi-channel help-desk
  • Check out our new blog
  • Divi by the numbers
  • Divi competition winners
  • New Divi competition
  • 5 after 5 with Geoff McCabe
    • A productive week in San Diego
    • Humble beginnings
  • AMA with the Divi Community.

What we’re about 🚀

New Year, same mission. We make crypto fun. We make crypto easy. We’re doing this through four key avenues:

Divi Project vision for success

Crypto is maturing 👀

Over a decade since the invention of Bitcoin, we’re starting to see cryptocurrency mature. We’re seeing this shift towards the user, from which we have never pivoted away. We were always confident that we would be ahead of the curve if we tackled the user experience. We’re seeing more and more institutional players enter the space, purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a host of other currencies. It’s all about confidence. We know what we’re about, and we know we’re positioned well for the future of finance.

Our commitment to decentralization 👍

Most of the good examples of user experience in crypto are custodial solutions. We’re committed to both offering a world-class wallet experience, in a decentralized, non-custodial way. We will never falter on this. Your keys will always be under your control. Your coins will always be yours. No exceptions.

Making something easy is complex 🤯

Behind the scenes, our easy-to-use mobile wallet is powered by some seriously impressive tech. Adding money to your account should be easy. Sending money to friends should be easy. However, behind the scenes, a lot is going on. The graphic below outlines the areas in which our wallet will operate.

Divi Wallet product offerings

The new roadmap is live 🥳

We announced the project roadmap in our weekly update last week, but we want everyone to look at it! We update the roadmap every week, so keep your eyes glued to this for changes.

Multi-channel help desk! 🆘

We already have a phenomenal support crew who work 24/7 to keep the community up and running. As a part of the new wallet, we will be rolling out a ZenDesk support system from within the app. This support process increases our ability to help you while increasing security for everyone.

Check out the Divi Blog 📖

Our new blog now has content! Please go check it out, as it’s an integral part of our SEO strategy for 2021. You can expect plenty of informative articles for the crypto-newcomer, as well as think pieces and all updates!

Divi by the numbers 🔢

Plenty of new nodes this month, with a few diamond nodes coming online! Congratulations to those members! We’re sitting at 1557 total masternodes, and we’ve seen some impressive consolidation over the past few months. Wallet sign-ups continue to grow, with 16,929 people excited for the release! If you haven't yet signed up, pop on over to wallet.diviproject.org!

Divi competition winners 🥇

There were so many fantastic entries for the “Divi in the real world” video competition, so thank you to everyone for your time and effort! We selected the following three videos, and all three win both Divi and access to beta testing!

New Divi competition 🏆

It seems like as good a time as any to introduce the next Divi competition! We want the community to submit their best memes.

To enter:

  1. Create a meme that highlights why Divi is a better investment for the regular investor and highlight the manipulation of financial systems by institutional investment providers!
  2. Post your meme(s) on Twitter using the hashtag #DiviContest, and also tag @DiviProject.
  3. Post your tweets in the Divi Contest channel on Telegram: https://t.me/DiviContests
  4. You may enter as many times as you want!
  5. There are ten prizes of 10,000 DIVI to be won!

5 After 5 with Geoff McCabe

A productive week in San Diego

Geoff McCabe (CEO), Nick Saponaro (CIO), and Jeff Packard (COO) spent the week in San Diego ‘operationalizing Divi’s strategic goals’. So what does that mean? It means analyzing our current offerings, reviewing objectives, and creating actionable plans for the year. 2021 is the year of execution and delivery. The year we deliver our solutions to the general public. Having a week together to prioritize these goals was incredibly valuable and beneficial to the project.

Reflecting on humble beginnings

Geoff and Nick reflected on how far Divi has come and the challenges that they faced early on. One of the first challenges was acquiring a company bank account. It was nearly impossible; no one would take crypto as payment. Now, the project is negotiating partnerships with banks. We’ve come a long way.

AMA with the Divi community

When will Divi be on a “tier one” exchange?

We’re currently speaking with a tier-one exchange, and we’re optimistic about the progress. These exchanges are often notoriously difficult to work with and set ridiculous requirements, often at late notice. We have not signed anything there yet, so we cannot name names. However, we have signed a contract with BuyuCoin in India, about which we are incredibly excited. We see India as the most significant emerging cryptocurrency market.

Any possible partnerships you can discuss?

Without a signed contract, we cannot discuss the details of any partnership. Pre-announcement hype should be left in 2017. We’re now a real company, with real ambitions and strategies. As soon as things are official, the community will know.

Nick and Geoff, can you shed any light on the wrapped Divi concept?

Plans for a wrapped Divi token are underway. Wrapped Divi is a part of the ‘Divi Everywhere’ concept whereby we want to push our coin into every ecosystem possible. We can think of this as xDIVI, where x can mean Divi on the Ethereum, Cardano, Zap, or Wax network, to take advantage of every possible crypto use-case.

If the app is running a node, does it take extra power and internet from the phone?

Simply, no. This is why our patented MOCCI2.0 is so revolutionary. With our decentralized and secure staking vaults and masternode hosting, users can help secure the Divi ecosystem with minimal effort. Using our dual key staking solution and remote broadcast Divi nodes, we’re making crypto easy on not only the user but their devices too!

Instead of creating eDIVI on Ethereum [which has high fees], why not create Divi Binance Bep2 tokens and have a Dex exchange to swap for Divi?

First of all, Ethereum does have high fees today, but the release of ETH2.0 will change that. Secondly, a majority of the DeFi development is taking place on Ethereum, making it the place we want to be. Finally, we will likely have more than one DIVI token on Ethereum, and we will have it on WAX and ZAP. This is all a part of our ‘Divi everywhere’ strategy. In saying that, we may not be the driving force for all future initiatives. We’re open-source, and those that have the ability are encouraged to explore these avenues!

I run a Gold and a Copper node. Do you feel it’s important for node owners to also be staking? Would this help both the user and Divi?

Yes, if you can! At the moment, staking does require more effort, but with staking vaults, this will change. It’s not a requirement, but the more diverse any system is, the stronger it is!

Divi owns a financial technology company, is it possible to have a saving option to automatically have money taken and sent to the wallet every week or month?

Yes! 100%. This can happen both through our fin-tech, and our upcoming financial services partner!

Nick and Geoff, when is your next clubhouse speaking event?!

Clubhouse is an emerging social media that we’re looking into! We would love to host this forum style Q+A there if possible. We’re exploring the option, so watch this space!

When do you see Divi back in the top 100? Will this be when the paid marketing begins? Which quarter do you expect the wallet to be made public?

Great question. First of all, as a project, we do not have any control over the price of Divi. Secondly, we’re evasive around the price for a reason. We’re not allowed to speculate on price. Our time is better served building phenomenal products and technology, which is what we will continue to do. With regards to the wallet, we’re committed to releasing a polished and complete product. We don’t set hard dates, but we encourage you to look at what the first release will look like and what we are testing right now and draw your own conclusions!

Thank you so much to the community for tuning in every month. We love doing this, and we love that you all continue to show up! 2021 is the year of delivery. We’re excited to be on this journey together!

See you next month.

The Divi Team

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Kyle Turnbull

May 06, 2021 · 8 min read

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