Divi Live at Five: July recap

Wallet news, institutional partners, and Divi in the news. Join us as we recap the key events this month!

Kyle Turnbull

August 03, 2021 · 8 min read

Divi Live at Five July recap

Divi Live at Five July recap

Hey there. 👋

Welcome to the Divi Live at Five recap! If you want to rewatch the stream (which we highly recommend), we’ve included the link below. If you’re in a rush, and just want the best bits, check out our Live Tweet thread. Finally, we’ve created a condensed version of the show which you can watch below. 

Full stream 👉 here

Live at Five Twitter thread 👉 here 

Condensed episode 📹

Divi in the news 🚀

Our very own Nick Saponaro inadvertently became the resident crypto expert in the media! His comments on increasing crypto regulation were picked up by notable global publications, such as BBC and The Scotsman, which lead to features in 77 top-tier publications. The total global reach of Nick’s comments was upward of 177M people, which is a phenomenal achievement. We’re excited to build on this momentum and continue to be at the forefront of the conversation, displaying leadership in the space. 

Divi by the numbers  🔢

👉 There are currently 2035 Masterndoes in our ecosystem. We’re pleased with the growth over the past year. The Masternode all-time high remains at 2049. 

👉 Masternode breakdown: Desktop (83%), Mobile (12%), Manual (5%). We’re seeing the number of Mobile Nodes increasing. As we launch into more regions, we’re excited to see the number of mobile nodes increase. 

👉 Wallet downloads: We’ve had 10,700 since launching in May. We expect this number to climb rapidly when we begin to push into other regions. These numbers are great considering we are yet to turn on our paid marketing channels. 

Divi Labs organizational structure

Divi Labs organizational structure

Organizational restructure 🎉

It feels like the right time - we’re reshaping the organization. Congratulations to Geoff McCabe on his appointment as chairman of the board! Geoff will be spending plenty of time focused on strategic vision, partnerships, and connections for the organization. His immediate attention is on how Divi may position itself to leverage El Salvador’s recent move to create a pro-crypto environment. 

It’s also a pleasure to introduce your new CEO, Nick Saponaro! Nick has been with Divi since the very beginning, and this next step is an exciting one. We wish him the best of luck, and couldn’t be more excited to see where he takes us. 

We’ve already had our best year yet. Here are some notable achievements from the first half of 2021 🚀

  • Hired Chris Airola, our Senior Product Manager.
  • Launched DiviWallet, our multi-coin mobile wallet.
  • Launched our Mobile Masternode technology.
  • Developed Staking Vault technology.
  • Established important financial partnerships.
  • Launched the Divi Labs Emerging Solutions Division
  • Hired Josh Caleb, our Chief Innovation Officer.
  • Began development on our DeFi solutions strategy.
  • Signed on the first client as a part of our Technical Market Strategy.

And as always, we’re looking forward… 👀

Introducing Divi 3.0. We’ve developed a comprehensive roadmap for success. If you want to hear Nick run through this high-level plan, use this link

Divi 3.0 Roadmap

Divi 3.0 Roadmap

Divi Crew is getting a facelift 💁‍♀️  

We’ve been busy building a brand new way for you to engage. We’re creating initiatives that will be refreshing, and exciting for crew members. The goal is to provide you with the tools to share our mission and values. As we have seen over the last few months, a coin that has a passionate community behind it can do absolute wonders. Leveraging our already engaged community, in a more efficient and meaningful way, will be a big part of the rest of the year. We’re really excited to kick things off, so stay tuned!

What do the next few months look like for DiviWallet?

🔥 Staking vaults: These have been tested now for over a month, and we’re very pleased with the results. You can expect vaults to be rolling out in August, which we’re incredibly excited about. 

🔥 Referrals and performance dashboard: We’re planning on testing to begin any day now. Referrals are a feature that has been requested a lot by the community, so hopefully, this will bring a fun way to get your friends and family involved. The performance dashboard will also be in front of the testers shortly, which will add some more functionality to the wallet. We hope to roll these out in August, but stay tuned. 

🔥 Crypto-swapping: Soon people who don’t currently have Divi will be able to get started, easily. We’re finalizing the agreement that will facilitate this functionality. We may have this feature ready in August, but there are a few moving parts. Stay tuned for more information. 

Financial institution update 🤑

We’re really excited that contract negotiations are in the final stages. We have already received access to their API so the important backend development work has begun, which means we are on the way to delivering! We cannot wait to bring you fiat functionality in the Divi Wallet - a feature that everyone is excited about. 

Desktop wallet 🤝 Multisig Security

Multisignature security is already a feature that’s built into our blockchain, and will now be front-end integrated. Our hedge fund partner required it as part of our agreement and offers another level of security for desktop users. Multi-signature allows someone to create a wallet that requires any number of private keys to authorize a transaction. 

Hedge fund partnership ✅

We’re really excited by the speed at which this partnership is progressing. Our agreement will help clients create a fiat onramp to buy or sell Divi in larger volumes, establish a Crypto IRA™ leveraging Divi Masternodes with your IRA funds, and other services like tax structuring. We’re even more excited that our values align, and that we are both focused on elevating the current industry through world-class solutions. We hope to have them on the next Live at Five where we can dive into the partnership!

Kucoin on exchange staking

Kucoin on exchange staking

Kucoin 🤝 on-exchange staking

We are building upon our relationship with KuCoin! On-exchange staking goes live at 9:00 PM UTC. Kucoin will support this venture using their social and telegram to drive awareness.

✅ Staking is facilitated by Kucoin’s Pool-X platform

✅ It will be capped at 10 million Divi. 

✅ They will be offering a 25% rate of return, which is very competitive.

We will be pursuing our own DeFi solution. 

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and we have already begun the process of creating the framework. We are building something special here. A true DeFi solution that does not sacrifice decentralization or user experience. We have spent time building and refining our technology to allow for easy interoperability. It feels like the right time to leverage this work and begin creating the solutions of the future. We will be beginning by creating a bridge to the Ethereum blockchain. 

Quick update on El Salvador 🇸🇻 

Geoff McCabe will be venturing down to El Salvador next week as we continue to monitor the situation, and investigate how we may position ourselves. They are currently very interested in Bitcoin, so we will need to wait and see what comes of this. 

Community AMA 

We are trying to collect questions before the Live at Five, to avoid delays, and increase the viewing experience. If you wish to ask a question, or you have a comment or suggestion, please use the following form: 

Q. Is there a way to have consistent reward payouts and push the tech into the background, instead of stochastically? If it were possible it would save frustration from new adopters. 

There’s a very good reason why we chose stochasticity over ‘round-robin’. If people know when they will get rewards, it doesn’t generate scarcity. The randomness of our rewards encourages people to hold, which makes our network more secure. 

Q. I’d love to see support for community use cases that have been built and create some incentives (incubator funds, marketing support, etc) to encourage external development and/or community initiatives!

We agree. We have started and will continue to promote your projects on social media. We are working on new pages on the website where we will feature you. We also are embarking on a community series for the blog where we will interview and create content around your project. If you’d like to be featured please fill in the form. In the future, we’re looking to free up treasury funds to be able to offer funding to community-driven initiatives that elevate the Divi Ecosystem. 


Q. I think that the project should be expanded to all people and places in the world, regardless of the language barrier! 

This is already underway starting with Spanish. We want to be available to everyone wherever they are. Unfortunately rolling out in a new region requires lawyers and resources. That’s why we have chosen a pragmatic approach. We are moving more slowly than we’d like to but we are doing our best!

Q. The more people speak and make informative, creative videos, audio, forums, and short and long content (articles), the more [adoption] there will be.

This is the exact reason for the Divi Crew refresh. We want to empower you to create content for us. New initiatives to come soon! Stay tuned as you won’t want to miss out!

Q. Could masternodes or stakers get more rewards if they lock their coins for a certain period? 

In our opinion, we have the right amount of scarcity in our ecosystem. In the past, we have talked about a long-term vault. Currently, we do not believe we need to create more scarcity. If you’re passionate about this, please do get in touch, we may be able to talk it over. 

Q. Accelerate the 2.0 Wallet and staking feature. The time till market doesn't seem to be in line with the crypto world. We need faster rollout and optimized cycle times. 

We would love to be moving faster too but we have a tiny team and a very complicated product. With our new product manager Chris we are becoming more efficient and our aim is to onboard more devs in the year ahead. With the right leader and team, we will get there. Don’t forget that the tech we are developing is unique. It’s never been done before. Thank you for your patience!

Q. Wikipedia is an important place for online reference; it's the place where many people look when they first hear about something. It's our chance to shine and to show the world that we exist!

Thanks to our amazing community member Gandalf Skywalker this has been started. We will be working on building this out over the coming weeks and months.

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Kyle Turnbull

August 03, 2021 · 8 min read

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