Divi Live at Five: June Recap

Join us as we review a busy month! Bitcoin 2021, Puerto Rico Summit, and more!

Kyle Turnbull

June 26, 2021 · 6 min read

Divi Live at Five: June Recap

Divi Live at Five: June Recap

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If you’re in a rush, check out the key messages below. This episode will be a recap of the year so far and looking forward to the year ahead. We covered plenty of exciting news, so get stuck in!

H1 2021 Recap

✅ Soft-launch of Divi Wallet to the US market.

✅ Listed on KuCoin, the 5th biggest exchange in the world.

✅ MOCCI Patent lodged.

✅ The DIVI Team is strengthening, we're nearly 40 strong!

✅ Increasing exposure on Youtube, from popular influencers.

✅ We’re getting noticed. We've been picked up by some major outlets, including CoinTelegraph.

H2 2021 Plans

🚀 Continued Global roll-out of the Divi Wallet.

🚀 Staking Vault functionality added.

🚀 FIAT on/off-ramp functionality added.

🚀 In-wallet multi-coin collaboration prioritized.

🚀 Paid marketing channels will be opened.

🚀 Exciting new Partnerships on the horizon.

🚀 Continue building, expanding, and improving upon an already stellar year.

If you want the full story, read on...

Crypto market update

The entire crypto market is down, but with the volatility of this market, it’s not unexpected. We could very easily link this to external events, such as the mining crackdown in China. Miners have to make a choice. We may see more miners moving out of China, which may have a positive effect on the centralization of the currency. We’ve been experiencing plenty of FUD out of China through regulatory compliance. Hopefully, this shift means less uncertainty in the future. There are probably numerous reasons for the market downturn, but this is an obvious factor in global sentiment.

Divi by the Numbers

Since we’ve just entered the second half of the year, we thought it could be beneficial to zoom out, gain some perspective, and analyze our ecosystem numbers over the last 6 months. We’ve seen really positive movement across all of our KPIs and metrics, so let’s dig in.


Economic performance

Key takeaways: We're up against BTC and up against USD, we have 50 million more Divi locked in nodes, Market cap increase of 40%. In other words, good news all around.


Node distribution

Key takeaways: Our network is MOCCI dominant, which makes sense given how easy it is to establish a node with our proprietary technology. We're looking to increase the proportion of MOCCI Mobile nodes over the coming months, as rollout continues.


Node value

Key takeaways: The network continues to grow in value, and therefore, our proof of stake ecosystem becomes more secure.


Node growth

Key takeaways: Through constant innovation, growth, and expansion, we will create something great. We have incredible community support, and we’re just getting started!


Divi Node allocation

Key takeaways: We have over 1.2 Billion Divi locked up in Nodes. Not only are we decentralized, but we’re also secure against bad actors due to the number of people we have contributing to the network.


Node all-time high

Key takeaways: We have built one of the strongest masternode networks around. If all of our nodes were at the copper level, we would have a network with over 12,000 masternodes. This would make it the ecosystem with the most nodes, ever, surpassing Dash with their all-time high of ~5000. This is an incredible achievement and shows the strength of the Divi ecosystem.

Looking forward to the second half of 2021 (H2).

  • Global wallet roll-out: The next strategic region we will be looking to move into will be the EU and UK. We have a large community in this region, and from a legal perspective we’re looking good, so get excited!
  • Multi Coin angle: We’re ready to begin leveraging other communities, by adding their coins into the Divi Wallet. We’re not maximalists. We believe in a future where many different coins provide utility and value, working in harmony with one another, not in active competition. We also believe we have the best wallet in the space, so why not push it out to communities that may desperately need a world-class wallet?
  • Wallet Functionality additions: Staking Vaults, Fiat ramp: Beta Testers should have their hands on stalking vaults very shortly. They’re almost ready to go, we’re just testing the final parts of the backend. This year we’re looking to see a massive increase in functionality, as we add fiat features to Divi Wallet.
  • Institutional money is investing in Divi: This is a super exciting development. We’ve reached an agreement with two hedge funds who have committed to investing in our coin, and even set up a ‘masternode fund’, of which Divi will be the central coin! These funds were both sold on our fundamentals, which validates our business model and approach. We cannot currently disclose the funds, but will make details available when possible.

Divi Products and Features: Staking Vaults

We ran a small Q&A addressing the technology behind staking vaults. We also published a blog on the subject, which you can check out here 👉 Blog: Staking Vaults.

Sure, it’s quick and fairly straightforward. After all, isn’t that the point? 😉

Puerto Rico for the Divi Summit.

We were able to have most of the C-suite present (except our CMO Zoe 😭), which allowed us to really efficiently align our vision for the coming months and years. We met with current and future partners, and were able to decide on some really exciting stuff that we will be able to disclose when the time is right!

Geoff McCabe in El Salvador with the Bitcoin Delegation

Geoff McCabe joined Brock Pierce and the Bitcoin delegation to discuss how to incorporate #Crypto into the local economy. The El Salvador government has taken an incredibly progressive stance on cryptocurrencies and recently voted to make it legal tender. If you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of this piece of history, we suggest you listen to Geoff McCabe speak first hand about his experience! We’re proud to have our CEO working alongside industry leaders and governments to help shape legislation that benefits the people of El Salvador!

Geoff on El Salvador 👉 Watch 🔥

DeFi Update

We recently provided our statement on the Stakehound partnership, which you can read here. Since then, we have been in contact with advisors in the DeFi ecosystem and have decided that developing our own wrapped Divi is the most logical way forward. This allows us to remain true to one of Divi’s core values, “Not your keys, not your coins”. This offering will be non-custodial, and we’re excited to release more information when we can. Stay tuned, get excited.

We want to hear from you

We have created a simple form that gives everyone the opportunity to share their suggestions and feedback with the team. We value your feedback and ideas, and we're excited to see what you all have to say!

Community outreach 👉 Form

As always, thank you, and have a great month!

The Divi Team.

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Kyle Turnbull

June 26, 2021 · 6 min read

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