Divi Live at Five: September recap

Staking vaults have landed, worldwide wallet rollout in October, Divi is going to Dubai, more languages, more coins, and more features coming soon! So much excitement in Q4. If you missed the live stream don't worry we've got you covered.

Kyle Turnbull

October 07, 2021 · 10 min read

Divi September Recap

Divi September Recap

Divi Live at 5: September recap

There’s nothing that replaces the feeling of watching live and conversing with our awesome community. However, this ecap is a noble replacement. There is so much to look forward to over the coming months. Below we have a link to the full broadcast, Twitter thread summary, and a condensed version of the show will be added soon.

This month we were treated to a guest appearance from Chief Product Officer Chris Airola, as well as a special “Divi in the real world” segment by Divi videographer Frisco Chavez. We’d also like to give a huge birthday shout out to our Chief Innovation Officer Joshua Caleb, who turns an undisclosed age 😂

Key takeaways from the month:

  • Market update: China fud is hopefully coming to an end as more and more of the crypto industry is pushed out of China in preparation for the release of their CBDC

  • Divi ecosystem continues to grow with 1.3 billion coins now deployed in masternodes

  • Staking vaults are live, and our media campaign is ramping up!

  • We have a product with novel tech and a clear market differentiator which is what we were waiting for to start pushing marketing. Exciting times ahead.

  • AMB Crypto and Cointelegraph media, KuCoin trading competition & giveaways coming soon

  • We are building an outcome driven roadmap with predictable goals, to give the community something to rally behind. 

  • International language support is being added to the Divi wallet. Spanish is already complete. What language would you like to see next? Let us know on Twitter! 

  • In wallet subscriptions for vaults and mMOCCI are live

  • Worldwide rollout of Div wallet begins in October!

  • Q4 concentration: Buying Divi in the wallet, fiat ramps, ERC20 support, swaps

  • Divi is going to Dubai to attend the Gulf blockchain summit (10/11-12) and the World blockchain summit (10/13-14). Be on the lookout for some videos of the team in Dubai!

  • Q4 concentration: Global rollout, buying Divi in the wallet, fiat ramps, ERC20 support, swaps

  • An independent research group found that based on fundamentals Divi should be at a $19 billion market cap… and we have a plan to get there

Crypto market update

China continues to crack down on crypto. This tends to create short term volatility in the market. People who have been in crypto for a long time realize that these events can actually serve as good buying opportunities. This recent wave of legislation looks like another step towards China launching their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). 

Divi by the numbers

Encouraging ecosystem growth as always. 

👉 2120 master nodes. 

👉 51.8% of coins in master nodes. 

👉 82% of masternode subscriptions are from the desktop wallet using MOCCI

👉13% from the mobile wallet using mMOCCI. 

👉 There are currently around 1.3 billion coins deployed in masternodes. 

Divi nodes growth by tier

Divi nodes growth by tier

Divi Announcements

Staking vaults have landed on mobile! Stake any amount of Divi from your mobile phone without ever sacrificing your autonomy. Staking vaults are 100% decentralized, non custodial and incredibly easy to use.

You’ll see this video making its way across the internet as we start our big marketing push. Over 20 paid vaults have been set up, 205 nodes total equalling 3.6 million divi added to vaults just since launch yesterday. 

Any new launch will come with some small bugs. We are aware of and crushing most/all of them but if you notice anything please report it to our telegram support channel or on our support website.

There is currently a UX bug with fee calculation. This will be fixed very soon but in the meantime please just lower your deposit amount by 100 divi and this will ensure you have enough for the fee.


Marketing push will begin with media from Cointelegraph and AMB Crypto, a trading competition on KuCoin and giveaways. We are often criticized for not being hype driven and/or not doing enough marketing. Divi only wants to market functional products. Past experience has taught us that having a well defined roadmap is crucial to all business verticals. This is why, guided by the leadership of our CPO Chris Airola, we are focusing on building a roadmap that is outcome driven which will allow product and marketing to line up in a more predictable and synergistic way. 

Special Guest: Chris Airola, DIVI CPO

Chris Joined Divi as the Chief Product Officer about 4 months ago. Chris Co founded a number of companies in the early 2000’s. He worked with a couple of larger software companies but over the last couple decades he’s spent most of his time working with emerging growth companies within many different industries. Chris is a long time divi supporter. Chris’s current focus is driving predictable communications across the organization and building a roadmap based on customer centric outcomes and as opposed to feature sets. 

One of the goals of reworking the roadmap is to create a regular release schedule that is predictable. Vaults landed right on schedule, within a day or two. We now have something to market. Our wallet has novel technology in it. We now have our core IP in the wallet. Our wallet has market differentiation. From here we can focus on building all the features that the industry expects. Spanish language support has been added to the app. What language should we add next? Let us know on Twitter.

What to be excited about in Q4

We are starting our global rollout in October. UK first, EU second, the rest of the world will quickly follow. Other Q4 concentration areas: Buying Divi in the wallet, fiat ramps, blanket ERC20 support and swaps.

Divi is going to Dubai

We will be in Dubai to attend the Gulf blockchain summit (10/11-12) and the World blockchain summit (10/13-14). Divi is sponsoring both events and Nick will be speaking at the World blockchain summit pitching some new stuff and some old stuff. Nick will be talking about some things that you haven’t heard about yet. Stay tuned for lots of fun videos and updates coming soon from Dubai. We’re really excited about this opportunity because our pitch is strong and we already have some amazing meetings set up. If you are or will be in the area please come out and introduce yourself. We love the chance to meet the Divi community face to face.

Divi Projects and ventures

We are building a bridge to ethereum. We hired an independent third party research group to analyze our ecosystem and model the potential impacts this bridge will have on the Divi economy. Compared to the projects in the top 50 that have nodes Divi ranks #4 for the total number of nodes. Daily liquidity per node is the main metric Divi needs to improve. The third party found that if you were to predict Divi’s market cap against the fundamentals we should be at a 19billion market cap! So how do we get from a $100 million market cap to a $19 billion market cap?

Actual vs predicted market cap

Actual vs predicted market cap

If you build it they will come

Liquidity is the most important thing. We can’t just look at trading volume on centralized exchanges. This is why we’re focused on bridging Divi, first onto Ethereum but eventually everywhere so that we can participate in more crypto infrastructure like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Aave, etc. The bridge is the first step in a broader strategy. Right now we have a huge growth opportunity and crossing the bridge will start us on that journey. We are 100% moving forward, the research phase is over, we signed a deal and it’s going. More on this soon.

Special Guest - Frisco

Frisco Chavez has been in the crypto space for a long time and he has been with Divi since the beginning creating much of the Divi video content. Frisco joined us on this month's live at 5 to share a very special example of Divi being used in the real world. Please watch the short video below. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome!

A real-world use case with Divi and ProFlo:

[Coming soon]

Very special guest- Bryan Todd from ProFlo 

In this segment, Nick sits down and chats with Bryan about working on Frisco’s home and his decision-making process when he decided to take Divi as payment. Bryan chose Divi because he liked the idea of setting up a masternode and letting his Divi grow. Bryan mentioned that his Divi wallet could also serve as a backup plan in case he was ever light on the payroll but his main goal is to just keep adding to his Divi position. If you are in need of HVAC service and you’re near Murrieta California consider using ProFlo, a 5-star service and they take crypto.

AMA with Nick and Chris

The AMA questions come from the form on our website. If you have questions that you would like the team to address in future AMAs please submit them to this google form.

Q: Will there be an option to auto-stake staking rewards? Will there be an option to auto-stake masternode rewards?

A: Staking rewards already auto-stake. Masternode rewards do not currently auto-stake but this will happen in the future.

Q: Any chance of signing the crypto climate accord?

A: Great idea and we will be looking into this in October

Q: Allow more conversation in the official telegram. Stop blocking people who have a differing view. You’re only contributing to the belief that Divi has something to hide. The community has become elitist.

A: You get Divi with warts and all. We try to be incredibly transparent with our community. I [Nick] have noticed a little change in the telegram. It’s become a little bit too strict. I’ve asked the mods relax and allow more conversation. Now in the Divi Telegram you can talk about price (don’t go overboard) and you can share your concerns and complaints. If you are going to do that though the one thing we ask is that you offer a solution. If you identify something negative, offer a possible solution so that we can talk through these things as a community. We’re all trying to get to the same goal, the adoption of Divi.

Q: When worldwide rollout?

A: October!

Q: The roadmap needs more transparency and accuracy. The community needs something to look forward to.

A: Transparency and precision in the roadmap are a major focus. We think you will be excited to see our new Divi wallet website (coming soon) which will have these elements built into it. We are going to stay at the level of customer outcomes. We want to give you as much information as we can with the best level of prediction that we can. 

Q: Which new coins/tokens might we expect to see integrated on the mobile and desktop wallet in the near future?

A: How about this, tell us what you want. We have options. One of the first things we’re looking at is adding first is blanket ERC20 support, we’ve also talked about adding a stable coin which seems like a necessity. There are thousands of cryptos out there. Bring your communities over. Let’s see who wants to be added first.

Q: Will there be an option to pay with Divi/crypto for masternodes/staking subscriptions instead of fiat?

A: Definitely 100% on the roadmap. We need to gather community feedback and put some more thought into the specific implementation. If you have thoughts on this or anything else Divi please present your ideas to us in the Divi telegram.

Giveaway time!

We’re giving away a PS5!

Here’s how to win:

  • Set up a staking vault. Screenshot it or record it.

  • Post about it on Twitter and include: @diviproject, $divi and #stakingvaults and tell us why you deserve to win the PS5.

  • We will choose the winner once we land in Dubai which is on 10/11. We will announce the winner via Twitter.

That’s the show for today! We’ve talked about a lot. Staking vaults, international language support for Divi wallet starting with Spanish, subscriptions in the wallet, worldwide rollout starting in October. It’s been a great month. We continue to grow fundamentally as a project and our community has been so strong through all the ups and downs. I think we’re on the up on this one. Thank everyone so much for watching live. We are @diviproject across all social media channels. Join us on telegram and discord. Enjoy your morning/day/evening/night wherever you are. We’ll see you next time!

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Kyle Turnbull

October 07, 2021 · 10 min read

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