Community spotlight: Divi Syrup!

Today we're highlighting one of the most indulgent ways you can spend your Divi!

Kyle Turnbull

August 08, 2021 · 3 min read

Divi Maple Syrup!

Divi Maple Syrup!

Divi Community member Mark Brown owns Beaver Valley Farms, a maple syrup operation situated in Ontario, Canada. We sat down to talk about his business, finding Divi, and how the future of crypto-powered business looks bright. 

Mark began his foray into crypto when he bought his first BTC in 2016. At this time, he already owned 100s of acres of maples in Canada. In 2017-2018, Mark returned home from Bermuda and opened a school, and a maple syrup business at the same time, a decision he would not recommend to anyone! Since then, they’ve sold their products to people from all over the world. 

Beaver Valley has over 16,000 spouts across 4 properties, totaling 330 acres of trees. All trees are on the Niagara escarpment which means they grow naturally on limestone rock, giving their syrup an incredibly unique flavor. Mark never wanted to be stuck inside. He loves being outside in the cold, so spending winters waist-deep in snow, from dawn till dusk tapping trees, is quite literally, heaven to him. 

The best syrup that crypto can buy!

The best syrup that crypto can buy!

Tell me a little bit about your operation!

"We harvest from 4 different properties. And use a mechanical vacuum system to keep it flowing in, along with help from a bit of gravity! Most of the sap we collect goes out as our 'regular' product. We keep 1% which is released as Founder's Select', which in our opinion is truly the best maple syrup out there, and about 8% goes into bourbon barrels or is made into our other specialties like butter, vanilla-bean infused, spruce-tip, and cinnamon maple. We have plenty of products, definitely something for everyone!"

"We also have an old-fashioned shack to the north end of my home property. During the sugar season, this becomes a community hub, where kids can come and learn about the process! However, our main production is modern and runs on natural gas."

So what got you interested in Divi? 

“I Saw Divi Coffee open and thought it was something we could do here at Beaver Valley. There are people who are more crypto-oriented than me, but I did my due diligence and started spending time in the community. Then I began to think, I’m not a developer, but how can I give back to the community, and create value. We now sell more to Divi customers, than we do on Amazon and all other e-commerce. It has an international reach which is immensely valuable to us, and we’re glad we can be a part of it all."

So I heard something about a Divi Maple Node, that sounds incredible!

“It’s something fun we created last year. Ten people contributed 24,000 Divi each, and I topped up the 60k, to get it to a silver node. Those people involved now have all of their maple syrup needs taken care of! Instead of Divi rewards, they receive maple syrup rewards! It’s a bit of fun, but really shows how businesses can leverage masternodes for their business!”

You’re a business owner. How do you see crypto working for your business? 

“It’s already working! People’s currencies don’t matter. I can accept payment from anywhere in the world, instantly. The fees for Divi are basically nil, compared to operating in traditional e-commerce. The net take-home is far higher using Divi. The endgame is, the consumer receives a better price, and we do more business. It’s a win-win.”

“I do see a future where people will completely ditch fiat, and seek to operate in a frictionless financial ecosystem. I’m still working on convincing the two other partners that crypto is the way forward, but I’ll get there. If the community continues to support us, convincing them will become much easier." 

What do you think businesses can do for the community? 

“There’s a real sense of optimism and community around. The more of these opportunities that arise, the stronger we get as a community. We can continue to support each other.”

If you want to get your hands on some of the best Maple syrup that crypto can buy, visit his store! We recommend the maple butter 🤤 

Buy from Beaver Valley farms 👉

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Kyle Turnbull

August 08, 2021 · 3 min read

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