Community spotlight: Venezuela

It's important we don't lose sight of what cryptocurrency can do. Check out how the Divi Community is assisting charitable efforts in Venezuela!

Kyle Turnbull

August 24, 2021 · 3 min read

Divi Venezuela charity

Divi Venezuela charity

Divi has always been about community. We have always been able to leverage the incredible support of our community, which pushes us forward when the going gets tough. We have worked tirelessly to create true financial freedom and create solutions that exist across borders. With Divi Wallet, we’re so close to realizing that dream. That’s why it is an honor to be a small part of these initiatives, where we see the power of inclusive global finance. It shows us that we are on the right path. 

Divi has a strong presence in Venezuela. For the last 2 years, community members have been running various initiatives, supported by crypto-donations from the wider Divi family. 


We wanted to spotlight the phenomenal work Ramos and his team are doing. But first, a bit about Ramos’ journey in cryptocurrency. 

Ramos found the Divi Project in 2018 and was immediately hooked. It was the first cryptocurrency he had experienced and was shocked at how easy the Divi ecosystem was. No technical jargon, or programming languages. Just money getting from A to B. He joined the Divi Crew, which helped him understand more about the world of cryptocurrencies and the potential they hold. In 2019, Ramos created the DIVI Venezuela group with the mission to teach and train entrepreneurs in Venezuela on the benefits of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. This is important work that Ramos still maintains to this day.

Every week, Ramos and his team support a foundation called Casa del Alfarero Cuyuní located in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. 

This support began with funding from Ramos’ design company, alongside his weekly earnings from the Divi Crew. In September 2020,  they were feeding 40 people, both children, and seniors. Every week the number of people increased, and they now provide food for 198 children and 178 seniors every single week. The contributions of members of the Divi community are vital to keeping this program running. They are currently holding meetings with people interested in helping, such as the preparation and preparation of food, as the project expands. Ramos hopes that someday he will be able to provide funds to help these volunteers with their family expenses, for their selfless work over the past few months. 


Recently, Ramos and the Divi community came together to celebrate Children’s Day in Venezuela. For this initiative, Ramos and his team collected 15,000 DIVI which was distributed to the 3 states. His team provided school supplies and candy to the children of three different orphanages. They also delivered more than candy and ice cream to the children of the community in their region. Ramos also prepared a day of activities, from face painting to a bouncy castle, and a delicious lunch, for over 400 children in the local area.  

Ramos is currently creating a training campaign, to highlight the benefits of Divi to our local community. 

In these sessions, he aims to educate businesses about the benefits of diversification, and how they can use their profits to invest. He wants to highlight how people can put their money to work, through staking or running a masternode. Education is key, and Ramos hopes to continue these efforts!

A word from Ramos 👇

"The social work we do takes place every weekend. If we are able to secure more financial support I will help more foundations that do food work for those in need. Currently, I have two foundations waiting for support. Our monthly expenses are roughly 1000$, but we adjust what we offer based on what we can raise. Any additional money we can raise will be used for the purchase of chairs, roofs and to support our social work."

If you would like to donate to this endeavor directly, use this Divi Address 👉 DBe81Titn69WPFYUMnBtLd2JeSrYAs6nKs

To get in touch with Ramos and his team in Venezuela, join the Divi Telegram 👉

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Kyle Turnbull

August 24, 2021 · 3 min read

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