Divi Live at Five: Feb 2022

Let's catch up on the first month of 2022.

Kyle Turnbull

February 07, 20223 min read

Divi Live at Five Feb

Divi Live at Five Feb

Welcome to our Live at Five recap for the month of January!

First, some housekeeping! From now on, our monthly live at Five AMA will take place on Twitter Spaces. We love the format, and believe it offers our community more freedom to participate in the conversation, in a casual way!聽

Catch the full stream here 馃憠 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNClBuj0ReQ&t=1242s

Recap our AMA here 馃憠 https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1vOxwypAmRvGB?s=20&t=Nv7TUYlk-Yqs8AmBsn1cOw

Crypto Market Update

We鈥檝e seen BTC trading below 40,000$USD for a few weeks. We seem to be trading at overbought levels, although the market doesn鈥檛 seem to care! Trust your gut, DCA into your favorite positions, and stay safe!

Interestingly, we鈥檝e seen some news come out around the taxation of staking rewards. A court's decision to refund taxes paid on staking rewards could have large implications for how proof-of-stake miners and stakers are taxed in the future. Tokens attained through proof-of-stake protocols are taxpayer-created property and should not be taxed until sold or exchanged. The complaint claims that nothing under United States law or IRS code and regulations allows for taxpayer-created property to be taxed as income.聽

Learn more here 馃憠 https://blockworks.co/in-win-for-crypto-stakers-irs-offers-refund-on-untraded-token-rewards/

Divi by the Numbers聽

Nodes and Vaults:聽January was a great month for Divi! We鈥檝e seen the consistent expansion of the staking vault ecosystem, and the total amount of vaults now exceeds the total amount of nodes. This has led to further decentralization of our ecosystem, as we have over 5200 nodes and vaults in our network.聽

Wallet Downloads:聽We reached 21,000 total downloads, with 7500 monthly active users. The most interesting wallet statistic, however, is our regional distribution. We just saw the continent of Asia surpass Europe in terms of the percentage of new downloads, at 14.4%. As everyone will know,聽

2022 Roadmap to success 馃憠聽https://diviproject.org/blog/diviwallet-2022-roadmap

image (1).png

image (4).png

Marketing Update.聽

LaLiga partnership statistics:聽

馃憠 Biggest football league in the world by reach, with over 2.7Billion cumulative viewers in the 2020/2021 season.聽

馃憠 More than 140 million followers on social media, and 110 million application downloads.聽

馃憠 The partnership gives us access to: Instadia branding, LaLiga ambassadors, social media posts on their channels, exclusive events and experiences, merchandise giveaways, VIP hospitality, image rights of players, and presence at LaLiga events.聽

As a result of this partnership announcement, we received significant global coverage across mainstream media outlets (52 pieces of PR press, over 2 million impressions, with a media value of 23million euros). The time spent on our site, DiviWallet.com, increase 11% immediately following the announcement.聽

Instadia branding has begun!

As some of you will have seen, the DiviWallet logo is now present in-game, across our strategic regions! Since this kicked off, we have over 2,300 in-game seconds of screen time, with an expected reach ofover 22 million people per game! Our first co-branded media campaign has also begun. This currently has led to 163,000 impressions, with a campaign reach of over 140,000.聽

Projects and Ventures: Institutional money? 馃憖

Some months ago, we confirmed we were working with a hedge fund, to facilitate large OTC buyers who wished to purchase Divi as a part of their wider portfolio. It has taken us months to get the infrastructure set up just right, as there was a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needed to happen. But they are finally live, and we鈥檙e seeing these large buys being pushed to market. We are of the opinion that if you are going to make a large purchase, you should do that on the market, and pay a fair price.聽

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Kyle Turnbull

February 07, 20223 min read

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