How can you win crypto with the Lottery Block?

The Divi Lottery is a completely unique way to earn crypto. Find out how you can participate!

Zach D

October 13, 20223 min read

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The Divi Lottery Block

The Divi Lottery occurs once a week. 1 lucky winner receives the grand prize of 252,000DIVI, and 10 others receive smaller rewards. There are community members who have staked large amounts of DIVI for a long time and never won the lottery and there have been a few stories of people who stake the minimum qualifying amount (just above 10,000 DIVI) and win in very short order!

How does it work, and how can you take part?

  1. Purchase Divi via Divi Wallet or on an exchange
  2. Set up a staking vault in Divi Wallet, or stake manually via desktop.
  3. Wait! That's it. Every staking reward is a ticket.

鈦燫ead on to learn more 馃憞

DIVI Lottery Basics

Every week (10080 blocks to be specific) 504,000 DIVI is distributed between 11 lucky addresses. The grand prize is a whopping 252,000 DIVI, and 10 smaller prizes of 25,200 DIVI.

To participate, you must be staking 10,000+ DIVI and receive at least 1 staking reward during the lottery period. Each reward counts as a lottery ticket*; the more rewards you receive the greater your chances to win!

*Staking reward must be won by a UTXO with more than 10,000 DIVI to be eligible. Learn more about UTXOs in the Divi Ecosystem.

Who is funding the prize?

DIVI is a proof of stake blockchain. Approximately every 60 seconds a new block is added to the chain. With the addition of a new block, new DIVI coins are created. Most of the newly created DIVI goes to reward the masternode and staking node that did work to create and validate the new block, another portion goes to the DIVI treasury, and finally, 50 DIVI from each new block is collected for the lottery prize at the end of the week!

To put it simply:

  1. The DIVI blocktime is roughly one minute
  2. There are 10080 minutes in one week
  3. 10080 new blocks created per lottery cycle at 50 DIVI each block, which gives us the 504,000 DIVI Lottery Prize!

Why does the time/day of the lottery change?

Great question! Blocktimes are not like clock times. If you were to average out the DIVI blocktime over a long period it would come very close to 60 seconds, however, if you navigate through the block explorer and look at individual blocks you will notice that some blocks are significantly less/more than 60 seconds. The time and/or day of the lottery shifts a little bit each week because the average DIVI block time, while very close to 60 seconds, has been consistently slightly less than 60 seconds.

What鈥檚 the best way to increase my odds?

There is one pretty simple way: Stake more DIVI, and you'll increase the number of tickets you earn. However, it's good to remember that only UTXOs of 10,000 DIVI or more are eligible to win so it鈥檚 best to never add DIVI to your vault in amounts under 10,000. If you do fund your vault with a transaction smaller than 10,000 DIVI it鈥檚 not the end of the world. The Divi Wallet does some automatic UTXO management as rewards come in (splitting and/or combining UTXOs) so eventually, your Vault will be optimized regardless.

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Zach D

October 13, 20223 min read

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