Divi Wallet feature: The user experience.

From the very beginning, we knew crypto was about people. It may be a complex technology, but it shouldn’t look like it. We always believed the user should feel the power, without needing to understand it.

Kyle Turnbull

May 16, 2021 · 3 min read

Divi Project user experience

The user experience matters

Creating crypto-made-easy.

We’re so happy that you now have your hands on this wallet. We think it’s the best wallet in the crypto space, and we’re sure you’ll agree. This feature highlight is important to us for many reasons. It’s important because it’s where we put you, the user, front and center. It’s our chance to create something truly beautiful and engaging. It’s the fun stuff, and the unnoticed stuff. It’s both the small decisions and the big ones.

Blockchain is confusing. Divi isn’t.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is both beautiful, and confusing. Its beauty lies in its complexity. However, this makes for a poor user experience. We encourage everyone to learn more about blockchain, as we believe it will be a massive part of our future, however, that shouldn’t be a prerequisite for harnessing its power. It should be readily available to everyone, and we're here to create that future.

You don’t need to understand how an engine works to drive a car? That’s because the engine is under the hood, and you’re given simple tools to interact with it.

That’s what Divi Wallet is. A beautiful interface, allowing users to harness the power of blockchain, without knowing it. The Divi Wallet is the steering wheel, and our blockchain is the engine. Divi Wallet represents an exciting shift away from the tech-focused world of crypto, to a more inclusive and accessible one.

Divi's masternodes are the easiest in the world

Set-up your node in seconds. Without all the fuss.

Giving the user a familiar experience.

Financial applications and technologies have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Brands such as Monzo, Cash App, Venmo, and the likes set the standard for the user experience. Fighting against what people already know and love doesn't make sense. That’s why our app looks and feels like the best fintech offerings. However, we deliver crypto-powered features and benefits that traditional finance could only dream of.

Here are some of the ways Divi Wallet makes crypto easy:

Usernames, not addresses.

When people use a new app, they still expect certain familiarities. Usernames are synonymous with modern internet life, yet crypto has been incredibly slow to adopt them. Divi Wallet lets you send to friends, without the need for complex addresses.

Human readable addresses in the Divi Wallet

With Divi Wallet, you can simply pay with usernames. No more addresses.

Blockchain to the background.

Divi Wallet will house incredibly complex blockchain features, but you won’t know it. Staking vaults, proof of stake powered transactions, mobile masternodes, private key security, all without overwhelming the user. Send, and earn crypto, leverage proof of stake, without the jargon.

Sending crypto to usernames

Sending money is now as easy as sending a message.

The world’s easiest nodes.

Divi Nodes are powered by our patent-pending mobile-mocci technology. This allows users of any ability to establish a Divi Node in the cloud, in seconds. Proof of stake blockchains derive their security from being decentralized. By creating an inviting and accessible entry to crypto, Divi is also becoming a safer blockchain. We think crypto is for everyone, but the rest of the market has been slow to act. So we went and built the solutions to make that idea a reality.

Divi Masternodes earn crypto rewards

Set and forget. Divi Nodes are the easiest way to earn crypto rewards.

The user experience doesn’t stop here.

So, you’ve seen the release of the first iteration of Divi Wallet. But it’s just the start. This is the first part of a dynamic and ever-growing ecosystem of financial services, designed to make cryptocurrency easier.

Throughout the year, we will be pushing through significant updates, expanding functionality, and adding value for our community. We have an exciting roadmap in place, we hope you'll join us on the journey!

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Kyle Turnbull

May 16, 2021 · 3 min read

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