Upcoming masternode coins 2021


January 29, 2021 · 4 min read

Upcoming masternode coins of 2021

Today we will be looking into the best masternode coins for 2021. For this we are looking into the cryptocurrencies fundamentals and potential. Our criteria during the research includes development and lead team, stability of the coin, token economics, required investment and of course ROI. We concluded the top three upcoming masternode coins for 2021 are Divi, Horizon and Dash.

Our analysis was based on the following parameters, each rated up to a maximum of 5:

  • ROI: annual return on investment calculation for masternode hosting.
  • Requirement: the minimum required amount USD for a masternode investment.
  • Team: based on the company and individual team members competency and track record.
  • Potential: the allround potential of the project going into 2021.

The article below contains prices and data taken from Masternodes.Online at the time of writing, for a live overview of all masternodes available, featuring a masternode calculator and full breakdown of the cost and ROI, check out their website.

The live information shown on their statistics page gives you the option to sort on what you’re looking for per masternode, be it the largest market cap, the cheapest masternodes or the highest ROI for example.

For more in-depth information about each masternode, click on the name to go to the page with extended coin and node statistics:

What are the upcoming masternode coins of 2021?

#3 Dash

  • Website: Dash.org
  • ROI: ≈5% (3/5)
  • Requirement: ≈$130.000 (2/5)
  • Team: 4/5
  • Potential: 3/5

Dash DASH is still undoubtedly the most popular masternode in the cryptocurrency market, maybe because it's the oldest. The project aims for the coin to be digital cash for instant payments. Meanwhile, the Dash protocol incorporates the option to anonymise the transactions.

It always ranks at the top of any masternodes list. Dash paved the way for the masternode principle by developing distinctive incentives for the masternode service providers. You can think of it like bank deposits, exhibiting the anticipated prediction of the interest rate. Owning a Dash masternode compared to any other is generally considered less risky, as the project is very solid.

There is only one kind of DASH masternode available though, while the requirement cost is quite expensive it does not attract smaller or newer investors at first glance. Yet it is an interesting investment for the slightly bigger fish among the market, those that prefer a safe bet in the long run.

Dash is undeniably a decent project with an experienced team of professionals. As an investor, Dash will surely prove beneficial in the long run as they focus on mass adoption of its currency for payments rather than short-term profit. The features, technology, and advantages of Dash, it’s bound to stay in the future.

#2 Horizen

  • Website: horizen.io
  • ROI: 12,5% - 17,5% (4/5)
  • Requirement: (4/5)
    • ZEN-42: ≈$1.000
    • ZEN-500: ≈12.500
  • Team: 5/5
  • Potential: 4/5

Horizen ZEN, earlier known as Zencash, promises to become the most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem, with one of the best development teams at their disposal, they could reach that goal for sure. The Horizen blockchain was forked from ZClassic and has a lot of privacy features, making it a viable alternative to Monero XMR or Zcash ZEC.

There are two tiers of ZEN masternodes available, relatively cheap compared to the average masternode cost we’ve seen in the past, so it’s accessible to almost any investor. Not just relatively cheap, it has a decent ROI for any masternode tier as well.

On top of all this, it was recently backed by Grayscale, opening up an investment ramp for the project. If you haven’t heard of Grayscale, it’s the biggest crypto trust fund in the world and a true leader in digital currency investment.

Horizon has a powerful vision to satisfy an unmet market need and an innovative protocol design. It’s built on cutting-edge technology, with a sound incentive structure to extrapolate network effects. Everything taken into account, Horizen promises to rise among the bigger players in the masternode and staking space soon enough.

#1 Divi

  • ROI: 20% - 25% (5/5)
  • Requirement: (4/5)
    • Divi Copper: ≈$2.500
    • Divi Silver: ≈7.500
    • Divi Gold: ≈25.000
    • Divi Platinum: ≈75.000
    • Divi Diamond: ≈250.000
  • Team: (4/5)
  • Potential: (5/5)

Divi’s innovative technology and philosophy are transforming the future of finance, aiming to bank the unbanked. Divi’s vision is to simplify all the management of an investor’s assets with a few clicks in a single interface, allowing anyone to enter the cryptocurrency markets or even host their own masternode without technical know-how. With a solid team and vision, the project moves forward, making cryptocurrency easier to use every single day. ✅ Advantage 1 ✅ Advnatage 2

There are five different tiers of DIVI masternodes available:

An overview of masternodes online.

The innovative multi-tier system offers a possibility for anyone who wants to host a masternode, while even the cheapest masternode has a staggering annual ROI of 21.47%.

Divi masternodes offer a MOCCI solution (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer). This feature makes for an easy setup installation of any Divi masternode for anyone who doesn’t want to host their own server. MOCCI associated costs are low and comparable to investing in your own infrastructure.

While Divi’s main focus is to innovate and spread, the economics behind their coin and masternode are very promising. Due to it’s extremely high and yet very stable ROI, Divi is a clear winner for most masternode investors in the crypto space.

New and veteran masternode investors are looking for better returns since the DeFi and staking coins are offering very high rewards with ease of use, so Divi makes a solid choice for anyone who wants to run a masternode 2021.

Disclaimer - we do not recommend buying any specific coin or masternode, be sure to always do your own research (DYOR) and invest at your own risk!

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January 29, 2021 · 4 min read

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