Develop with Divi

The future of finance starts now. Our soon to be launched SDK will allow for interoperability with other blockchains and integration with third party apps. We encourage developers to use and contribute to the divid-rpc library and to innovate with the Divi platform. Work with us to create the next generation of the digital economy.

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Developer resources

Access documentation and resources for development on the Divi platform.

White Paper

The blockchain. Our technology. Our Use Cases. Read about our vision for Divi.

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Find out how to connect to Divi Play, our staging environment

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Developer Community

Join like-minded developers and learn how they will be innovating on the platform

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Masternode Setup Guide

Find details of how to setup and run a Divi Node

Masternode Setup Guide →

CLI Setup Guide

Follow steps for CLI setup and configuration

CLI Setup Guide →

VPS Setup Guide

Follow the tutorial to setup a VPS

VPS Setup Guide →

Default Configuration

Ensure your CLI configuration is correct to ensure stable connection to the network and a full feature set.

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Divi API

Browse APIs for development on the Divi blockchain


Divi Coin Specs

Dig into the Divi coin specs and reward system

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Open Source

At Divi we’re dedicated to being fully open source and transparent. We welcome input and encourage users to fuel innovation to create end-to-end value for the entire digital economy.

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Developers and Partners

We’ve partnered with some of the best in the business and are constantly expanding our network. Explore our partners here.