Community projects

The incredible Divi community are key in driving real world initiatives using our currency, platform and technology. Find out more, get inspired and start your own.

Divi Green

The Divi Green community in Venezuela are successfully using a circular economy to improve their social and environmental circumstances. With a plastic recycling program where people are paid out in Divi, to being able to exchange Divi for goods in a food market, to onboarding local businesses. The Divi Green team are truly driving real use and adoption of Divi.

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The Mighty Project

Inspired by the death of her adopted daughter Mia from lymphoma, Lisa started the Divi-powered Mighty Project in 2018. Since then she and her team have raised more than $74k for the Leukaemia Lymphoma Society.

Team Mighty runs a Divi node and is encouraging other non-profits to learn about how they can use crypto to fuel their efforts.

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The Spaghetti Project

Founded by Tristan Paylado in the Philippines, The Spaghetti Project provides hot meals for hungry local residents. During Covid they have also raised money to provide free hand sanitizer, face masks and shields. The project accepts Divi as their main form of fundraising, all Divi donated to this project helps to keep local residents safe and well fed.

Agape House

The Divi community are looking forward to working with Agape House in San Diego. This unique charity provides housing and mentorship to homeless students at a local state school.

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Bike to the Future and Khayletisha Cycles

Khayletisha Cycles is the first bike shop in Cape Town, South Africa to accept crypto for the new generation of cyclists. Founded by Juma Mkwela, with an aim of diverting people from the streets with cycling, bikes were provided to essential workers as a mode of transport during lockdown.

Conceived by a Divi advisor, the Bikes for the Future campaign saw the community rally together to raise money for 100 bikes for local kids in the community.

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