Divi. Reinventing finance

Our changing world, economy and demographics require a new financial system, but traditional institutions have been reluctant to adapt. Divi's innovative technology and philosophy is transforming the future of finance.

Billions are without banking. Divi changes that.

Divi provides financial services to the unbanked and underbanked - improving the quality of life for people around the world.

Payments are slow. Divi is fast.

Divi’s borderless, frictionless, consolidation of finance enables low-cost, near-instant transacting on a global scale.

Bank fees are high. Divi is affordable.

You shouldn’t have to pay to use your money. Divi aims to bring fees as low as possible.

A global payment platform

Built with humans in mind, Divi's user-friendly digital currency and financial platform helps people across the world achieve financial freedom and inclusion.

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Why Divi?

More than a fast-growing staking coin, it’s everything you need for everyday banking as well. Divi is minted through a Proof of Stake consensus protocol using both staking and Divi Nodes to secure and verify transactions.


Anyone can use Divi. Designed for humans, we’ve removed all the barriers that prevent ordinary people from getting excited about cryptocurrency.


Our focus on solving real problems is what sets us apart from other cryptocurrencies. We have a range of projects underway that support our vision.


The Divi network is fully transparent, audited by third-party security professionals and secured against attacks. You can trust that your transactions are secure.


Want to earn with Divi? Unlock your wallet for staking or set up a Divi Node and watch the rewards roll in.


We never have access to your private keys or backup phrases, meaning you are fully in control of your digital assets.


From wrapped Divi in other wallets, to developing innovative financial vehicles, our goal is for Divi to be everywhere.

Making crypto easy

Divi is focused on accelerating the mainstream adoption of crypto by reducing barriers to entry. Our approach has four components.