A New Blockchain and Smart Wallet

Our tech allows people to make private, instant transactions with unique usernames, rather than impossible-to-remember crypto addresses. Social features, photos, skins, pockets, new ways to send, security, a DNS system and anonymity. More


Tiered Masternode System

Our revolutionary, five-tiered masternode system can be set up with a single click, at home or in the cloud. It’s like printing your own money. Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels. More


Lottery Blocks

Our new “ lottery block” technology helps to secure the network. Eleven lucky participants win up to 5000 DIVI every week, straight into their wallets. A fun and exciting feature for all participants. More

Mainstream Adoption

The world is hungry for a cryptocurrency they can use. Divi’s set of technologies work together to make the entire process easy and fun, but people need to hear about it. We are building a team of publicists, celebrities, influencers, writers, educators, and brand ambassadors to bring Divi to the masses.

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Easy To Use

Rather than confusing, hard-to-remember addresses, Divi utilizes an intuitive username system that is both familiar and secure. More

Decentralized Marketplace

Finally, something to spend your crypto on. Take control of your coin by selling your goods and services in our market, only available to DIVI holders. More

Future Proof

We know there are looming concerns when it comes to legislation in the crypto space. So we are taking precautions against the threat of government intervention. More

A User Friendly Focus

You don't need to be a programmer to understand and use our intuitive Smart Wallet. With features optimized for any level of user. More

Earn while you sleep

Make your coins work for you. Stake them for a masternode. The more you stake, the more DIVI you are rewarded. More

Live community

Our community is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Engage with blockchain experts and community members alike. Live, and in real time, from home or on-the-go. Right from your smart wallet app. More

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2017 - Q3

  • Team Building
  • Token Sale Planning
  • Marketing, Outreach to Journalists

2017 - Q4

  • Divi Crowdsale
  • Smart Wallet UX Design
  • Work on Divi Blockchain Begins
  • Names / DNS System Included
  • MOCCI - Masternode One Click Cloud Install
  • Lottery Blocks

2018 Q1

  • Divi Blockchain Built & Testing
  • Smart Wallet Design & Testing
  • New 5 Tiered Masternode System Testing
  • Advanced Governance System
  • Ambassador Program Begins
  • Outreach to Media / Influencers Begins
  • Merchant Sign-Ups Begin

2018 - Q2

  • Exchange DIVX Tokens for DIVI
  • Release of Blockchain and Genesis Block
  • Educational Videos
  • Increased Outreach to Media
  • Demo Videos with Top Influencers / Celebs Begins
  • Merchant Sign-Ups

2018 - Q3

  • Add Divi Debit Card
  • Improvements to Masternode UX (Map)
  • Wallet Upgrade - New Social Features
  • Wallet Upgrade - Improved Security Features
  • Massive Outreach to Media / Influencers
  • Trade Shows for Online Merchants
  • First Release of Plugins for Merchants
  • Outreach to more exchanges to list DIVI

2018 - Q4

  • Divi Marketplace added
  • Wallet Upgrade - New Transaction Types
  • Wallet Upgrade - Instant Exchange Added
  • More Plugins for Merchants

2019 - Q1

  • Marketplace Expanded
  • Wallet Upgrade - New Money Management Features
  • Wallet Upgrade - Improved Governance UX

What Our Experts Are Saying

  • The Divi Project is the future. It's simple enough for everyone. It's cryptocurrency's Netscape, iPhone, or Tesla moment. The first company to bring digital cash to ordinary people around the world will empower billions of individuals, in every country, and reap a trillion dollar opportunity. Ramez Naam
    Futurist and Writer
    Winner of the Phillip K Dick, HG Wells, Prometheus, and the Endeavour Awards

  • For the last five years, I’ve been watching the cryptocurrency scene, looking for the best opportunity where I can help a team change the world. Divi is that opportunity. The team will make digital currency easier to buy, use and transfer for mainstream investors (like me). This team gets what it’s going to take to take this industry beyond the tipping point. Tim Sanders
    Former CSO, Yahoo Inc

  • I’m excited to see this unfold, proud of the work the Divi Project’s team has done so far and can only imagine what the future holds for us all. Toni Lane Casserly
    Co-Founder, Cointelegraph.com

Advisory Board

Heidi Krupp

CEO of Krupp Kommunications


Tim Sanders

Former Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer


Ramez Naam

Speaker, Author, The Infinite Resource


Toni Lane Casserly

Co-Founder of CoinTelegraph, Speaker


Our Team

Michael Greenwood

UIX Designer, Former Microsoft Creative Director


Geoff McCabe

Leadership, Business Mgmt


Nick Saponaro

Full Stack Developer, Programmer


Zafar Mohammed

Blockchain Expert, Full Stack Developer, C++


Phil Eggen

Lead Programmer


Kelsey Matheson

Entrepreneur, Coach, Mom


Kalani Mo'e

Creative Marketing Director


Maxwell O'Brien

Lead Strategist


Divi Ambassadors

Kimberly Gannon

Research Assistant, Social Media


Yasmin Tobón

Divi Ambassador, Traductor de Español


Sean Felz

Divi Ambassador, Research & Development


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