Your ultimate guide to proof of stake

April 07, 202110 min read

Your ultimate guide to proof of stake 馃敟

A complete guide to proof of stake cryptocurrencies. Any question you could possibly have about staking is right here. It鈥檚 a long one, so strap yourself in.

    Does staking crypto have long-term viability?

    April 12, 20215 min read

    Does crypto staking have long-term viability?

    With more and more people beginning their cryptocurrency journey, many are interested in alternative ways to make an income.

    Proof of stake coins in 2021

    April 07, 20214 min read

    Beginners series: proof of stake coins

    It's beginner's series time! Today we're focusing on what proof of stake (PoS) coins are, what coins use PoS, and what makes these coins unique.

    The Divi Crypto Podcast

    April 05, 20212 min read

    Divi Podcast #95: Rachid Ajaja from AllianceBlock

    Join us as we recap our most recent podcast episode with AllianceBlock Co-founder and CEO, Rachid Ajaja.

    How does Divi control for inflation?

    April 10, 20214 min read

    How does Divi handle inflation?

    As a proof of stake protocol, Divi uses an inflationary model to reward validators of the network. If we're told to believe all inflation is bad, then how does this work? How does Divi maintain a healthy and strong ecosystem?

    Best coins to stake 2021

    April 07, 20215 min read

    Best Staking Coins 2021: What to look for.

    We鈥檙e happy to give attention to coins that are paving the way in the Proof of Stake space! This blog focuses on some of our favorite proof of stake coins (Divi included), and how they鈥檙e leading the way!

    Divi Project Podcast with Partisia Blockchain

    April 05, 20211 min read

    Divi Podcast #96: Kurt Nielsen of Partisia Blockchain

    In today鈥檚 episode, we sit down with Kurt Nielsen, Co-founder, and President of Partisia Blockchain. Partisia is a public blockchain and company, built with trust, transparency, privacy, and scalability in mind.

    Divi Project defi monthly competition

    April 10, 20213 min read

    April competition: stDIVI and stETH!

    This month, we鈥檙e running an educational competition! We鈥檙e excited to get users up to speed with all things stDIVI.

    Divi announces partnership with DeFi provider Stakehound

    April 07, 20213 min read

    Divi partners with StakeHound

    We're excited to formally announce our partnership with liquid staking enabler StakeHound, allowing DIVI holders to reap the rewards of decentralized finance. Existing Divi holders and newcomers will now have an opportunity to participate in various DeFi mechanisms from liquidity-mining and arbitrage to micro-lending and staking.

    Divi Project March Update Crypto Wallet

    April 05, 20218 min read

    Divi Live at Five: March Recap

    We鈥檙e rolling with 鈥榙ipping into DeFi鈥 this month, as we welcome a very special guest, Albert Castellana, CEO and Co-founder of Stakehound. We鈥檙e talking about the crypto market, wallet development, FATF recommendations, and Stakehound!